Coast win is encouraging

 A MAJOR Real Estate win for Dowling and Neylan should be celebrated throughout the local business community, director Dan Neylan said.

The 35-year-old business was named the Medium Residential Agency of the Year last Friday at the Real Estate Institute of Queensland agency awards night in Brisbane.

Mr Neylan said he hoped the win would be viewed as an encouraging win for the business community.

“It’s not so much an award for us, but for the Noosa business community,” Mr Neylan said.

“It shows that you can strive to have a very successful business, and do it from a place like Noosa, rather than feel you need to be in Brisbane or one of the southern states. You can have the lifestyle and the success.”

The agency accommodated more than 400 tenants through it’s permanent letting business and helped 186 couples sell or purchase their property.

In the past year, the agency has welcomed more than 42,000 guests through it’s holiday letting,

“Our company has a different culture to others, our staff are driven and experienced, we have great systems and constantly look to improve them. We want a team full of service professional agents: people that can’t meet that expectation don’t stay long; the ones that can, do well and are constantly approached by our competitors,” Mr Neylan said.

“I have high expectations of my team, especially the sales division. It’s been a very tough ride in real estate over the past few years, not for the faint hearted.

“Our team has shown a lot of tenacity, it’s great to see a silver lining in a difficult year.”

When asked for his prediction for the market over the coming year, Mr Neylan said it was still a buyer’s market.

“Noosa properties offer excellent value if priced correctly, so buyers should be moving now and thinking long term,” he said.

“Once we get through the state and federal elections, the market will gain confidence, further buoyed by the impact of the mining boom coming our way.”

Mr Neylan said the agency was expanding and seeking more sales staff.

“We are now launching our financial services and if all goes well, a second office is on the horizon. 2012 is a year we are very excited about.”

Dowling & Neylan is now in the running for the award at the Real Estate Institute of Australia next month.

Also at the Brisbane awards night, Noosa Domain editor Erle Levey claimed the Best Real Estate Report.