Market report - March 2010

Sales over March continued at a steady pace again with most activity in the lower end of the market. Easter auction results were mixed, with several properties selling prior to auction. The remainder were passed in, hoping to negotiate a sale post auction. Activity on the waterfront has been limited, as has Sunshine Beach luxury homes.

Prices remain attractive, resulting in an ideal climate for upgrading to better locations. Activity in southern states has not really flowed up to us in any great volumes yet, but it is anticipated we will see this later this year. Sellers remain conscious that their property must be priced sharply to sell despite bravado from selling agents. Buyers are purchasing in greater frequency but only if they sense value for money.

Recent interest rate rises will have some effect on our marketplace although limited to the bottom end investment market.

If you're considering purchasing a second Noosa property, or maybe an upgrade, now is definitely a very good time to consider those options.

Kind regards,

Dan Neylan