The Noosa market has been much the same as the rest of the country, sales turn over is down but sales are continuing, due to Noosa's relatively tight market.

Areas like Little Cove are selling well if priced correctly, as is Noosa Sound and the Beachfront. While the market is being affected by national and global issues it is interesting to review the growth rates over the past 30 years; we have found the latest trends are in line with a ten year market cycle. This is encouraging as it shows us that while we label the cause of the current market conditions, the truth is it's cyclic, which means we can predict a recovery. It's an old saying “you make your money when you buy and the best time to do this is when there's no competition and plenty of choice and right now there's some of the best choices I've seen available in 16 years, a situation unlikely to last.

As long as you take a long term view, Noosa property will live up to your expectations.

Don't run with the herd; sell to them when they are buying en masse.

Kind regards,

Dan Neylan