Noosa Market Report - June 2010

With sunny crystal blue skies, Noosa is the place to be this Winter - the weather is just perfect. The real estate market ticked along steadily this month which is typical of Winter.

Buyers felt they had plenty of time to make decisions, and we're heavily focussed on our change of government and the pending federal election, both of these factors tend to affect how immediately people will act on a purchase.

There were four sales on the waterfront at Noosa Waters this month, two by our office, three of the sales were under $2 million for homes, whilst the other was in the mid $2 million range for a prime North facing residence.

There were no significant sales on Noosa Sound but offers are being made which may come to pass next month.

Turn over in Little Cove has been slow mainly due to a lack of stock, although we have listed two really nice homes in Upper Hastings Street and a unit on the front row in 'Little Cove Lodge', which rarely become available.

Enquiry levels picked up towards the end of the month, hopefully a sign that July will be better and the start of a good run into Spring. If you know someone that needs a good holiday, convince them to forget going overseas and come to Noosa, we can do with the occupancy.

Until next month we are at your service.

Kind regards,

Dan Neylan


0412 764 370