Noosa Market Report - March 2012

The middle market finally fired over March, with sales in the $600,000 to $1,000,000 range increasing dramatically.

There has been a lot of interest in waterfront homes in the high $2 million range, and prime locations are attracting strong interest.

We are marketing a home in Natasha Avenue with sweeping views over the bay to the North Shore - this home has five interested parties considering it at present and we received nine enquiries on the property via the internet in one day.

This is evidence that even in the top of the market, there are many buyers looking for well positioned property as long as it is in line with their perception of the right price.

I continue to hear a consistent message from the interstate buyers taking action, which is “Noosa property is very good value at present”.

With the market moving in the right direction now and this mentality in the market, we are on the path I experienced in the mid nineties. It took five years of gradual improvement before we saw really big gains, and investors considering long term gains are recognising this and buying well now.   

With the Queensland election behind us and a new state government, most Queenslanders are optimistic about the future - this confidence is important and will result in greater action in the real estate sector over coming months.

Most importantly with a Liberal state government in place the door is now open to commence the de-amalgamation of the Noosa Shire from the greater Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

This is very important to Noosa, we have experienced adverse effects of amalgamation including but not limited to, significant increases in rates and levies, watering down of the Noosa Tourism body affecting their ability to competently promote the Noosa brand and a slow drift away from the core values of the community in respect to the general Noosa environment or direction of the town.

Noosa has always been a place full of passionate people, that’s why it is different! With the shire back in our hands, these people will again have a voice and more will get involved to help shape the area’s future.

Kind Regards
Dan Neylan
0412 764 370