Noosa Market Report - May 2013

The Noosa Real Estate market slowed slightly this month ending a terrific run of sales that began last August. Over this period we have experienced a 100% increase in turnover per month. This month’s slowdown coincides with an annually quiet period we have each year in May and June. We expect this slowdown to be short lived especially in the sub $600,000 range. Recent reductions to interest rates are having an immediate impact on this market segment.

Encouragingly this is occurring in the holiday unit market as well as residential, this segment has been slow, these signs of increased interest and activity confirm our thoughts that holiday apartments in Noosa offer excellent value to those looking to secure their small piece of paradise. Looking forward we expect this overall increase in activity to continue through the year waning again slightly prior to a federal election.

Welcome to Noosa initiative.

12 months ago I sat with the GM of Noosa Tourism as he took the reins to discuss my thoughts on improving the Noosa tourism market.

Some factors that impact on our tourism market are out of our control (the Aussie dollar being one of them) others are not. Given Noosa is a relatively small area compared to many other areas we compete against for the tourism dollar, I like to look at ways we can use this to our advantage. The other belief I hold is—people remember the experience they had in a destination long after; the weather, the state of the beach, the crowds in fact every other aspect of their holiday.

With this in mind a concept was established to create a Noosa standard of service for the Noosa area.  It’s a bit like thinking about Noosa as one large resort and creating a better level of service than experienced elsewhere. Given the size of Noosa, businesses need to work together to achieve this.

Through this standard it is our hope that every guest’s Noosa experience is one that exceeds their expectations, shows them a wonderful time, has them leaving feeling like Noosa has something different than anywhere else and of course keeps them coming back.

So the Welcome to Noosa Initiative was born.

All local businesses are now being asked to put their personnel through the online course, which after completion staff receive a certificate of completion. Businesses are being asked to adopt this process as part of their induction process; topics include standards of service, local knowledge, health and safety, etc.

Noosa Holiday Rentals and Dowling & Neylan staff were one of the first to adopt and complete the course. This is now part of our induction process for future staff.

From this beginning we hope this will move towards local industry awards and recognition that will bring value to the course Certificate so that employers will expect this qualification when hiring staff that deal with valued guests.

I am told this is an industry first. I look forward to its success and benefits it brings to guests and ultimately owners by making Noosa an even more popular place to visit.


Kind Regards

Dan Neylan


0412 764 370