Open Listing Vs Exclusive Recommendations On What To Choose



Please allow me to emphasise the importance of having your property listed EXCLUSIVELY with one agent.  It is very important to you as the Vendor to have someone responsible for your property.

Please take a couple of minutes to consider the best options available to you.  Many people believe that open listing may give their property more exposure, but we feel that when you have read this letter you will understand that listing your property with a number of people can become a decided disadvantage to you as the Vendor.

Our experience is that property ‘open listed’ does not receive the proper attention from Agents, even if it is listed with only a few – because no one is individually responsible for getting the property sold.

With over 1000 properties in Noosa ‘openly listed’ it is physically impossible to provide a high level of service to each and every listing.


What happens generally is that when a property is ‘open listed’ there is an initial burst of activity while all the Agents in town fight to try and get the property listed as a ‘Sole Agency’.  When and if they fail to do this, the level of service drops off and the property is not advertised and the agents tend to forget about it.

You the Vendor have to keep ringing all the ‘Listing Agents” to get feedback and in the end your property is over exposed and the Buyers start to ask why the property has not sold.  This is not a very satisfactory or professional form of marketing!

There is of course the added danger that while you the Owner are experiencing such poor service, the Buyer benefits because the Agents are busy getting the best price for the Buyer instead of the Seller.


By listing your property on an ‘Exclusive Agency’ basis with one agency, you are assured of a level of service that simply is not available to ‘open listings’. 

When you place your property with Dowling & Neylan your property becomes one of our priorities and we make every effort to ensure that your property is promoted to the maximum number of potential purchasers.  Your property becomes part of a select portfolio of ‘exclusive property’ which receives our total commitment.  We consider ourselves a ‘boutique style agency’ not a supermarket, and we pride ourselves in giving personal service.

Our sole aim at Dowling & Neylan is to get a premium price in line with what the market is prepared to pay, to get you the best the market can provide and to provide the owner with constant feedback so that they can make a confident decision that they are getting the best price when it comes time to sign that contract of sale.