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Why should I advertise my property?


Every agent will agree that quality advertising is what gets you the markets best and a premium price.


Top Reasons Why You Should Always Advertise

1. Your market is constantly changing.
2. People forget fast.
3. Your competition isn’t quitting.
4. Advertising strengthens your identity.
5. Advertising is essential to survival and growth.
6. Advertising enables you to hold on to your existing buyers.
7. Advertising gives you an advantage over competitors who have ceased advertising.

9. You have invested money that you stand to lose. If you stop advertising, everything you’ve invested becomes lost, as the buyer’s awareness you’ve purchased slowly dwindles away. Sure you can buy it again, but you’ll have to start from scratch.

10. You are more likely to see success fishing in the ocean than fishing in a pond.


Should I pay for advertising or should my real estate agent pay for me?

Some agents will incorporate advertising fees into their commission costs. This option does not provide you with the same level of control and you might find you are better off knowing precisely where your advertising dollar is being invested. An agent’s role is to provide negotiation skills, industry knowledge, conduct inspections, create advertising material etc. Agents offer their time, expertise and resources, we are paid only if we perform and get a result your happy with. The advertising is your investment in getting a premium result.   


The agent should pay

The other agent will pay the advertising

Will they? That really concerns me, because by doing that they

Have an invested interest in the sale of your property, if it doesn’t sell not only are they not earning money they stand to actually lose money.

This could easily effect how hard they are going to push for that extra amount come negotiations.


Also if the sale isn’t going the way you plan you don’t want to feel obligated to stay with the wrong agent because you feel guilty about the money they have spent on advertising.


I sold my property last time without advertising

An important question to ask; I wonder how much more you might have got if you advertised it. Look let’s give it a go for the first 2 weeks without advertising, we can set the schedule to begin in 2 weeks time if we haven’t secured a buyer. What about that? 


I can’t afford advertising

Can you borrow it from someone?

We have a finance plan with the paper that allows you to pay in 12 weeks or upon earlier sale would that work for you?

How about we get started now, I’ll try to get someone from the data base, in the meantime you speak to the relatives and we’ll agree in two weeks you will have something arranged to finance the marketing ok? 


Just put it on the internet all buyers go there.

86% of potential buyers use online as their main tool to search for property, buyers look there but most buyers are alerted to a property by the advertising and then go to the internet to gain more information before calling the agent.


Your advertising recommendations are higher than any other agent we’ve spoken to.

That’s because we attract more buyers and get higher prices faster.

Is it higher? That’s impossible, Show me what the other agents are charging and well work it out together I would hate for you to get a shock with sub standard advertising because it wasn’t presented clearly to you in the advertising schedule, let go over it.



I don’t believe advertising works.

I might be able to prove to you it does work

Would you run with it then?

Ok now truthfully you said to me you have lived here for 5 years

When you first moved here before you bought this home surely you didn’t buy the first house you saw?

So what did you do?

Did you look in agency windows?

Drive the area you wanted to live?

And read the local real estate papers?


Why is that?

So why did you call us in to sell your property

I saw your       SIGN

                        NEWSPAPER ADS




So advertising worked on you didn’t it after all you called us in imagine how it works on people looking to purchase.


Why do we have to pay for the advertising up front when it hasn’t even been placed yet?

Because that’s how the company runs it and any uncommitted funds are refunded to you in full.


We don’t carry advertising funds these days we can take payment for the first three weeks if you like and I can get a cheque from you for the balance in a couple of weeks time once we are up and running.



Interesting facts;


74% of Australians use two devices simultaneously.

87% of Vendors found online the most effective medium when selling their property.

People Remember 80% visual, 20% text, 10% sound.

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